WhatsApp chats keep a record even after deletion, says security researcher

WhatsApp in an iPhone? Your chats might not be as secure as you think.

In spite of the popular messaging application’s notice earlier this year that it would encrypt all the user data, a security investigator  revealed that the newest version of WhatsApp for iOS software for iPhone devices plants some information exposed. The researcher, Jonath Zdziarski, found bits of deleted chats, which can be pieced together into discussions, he said, and that is even if you have cleared or archived them.

Zdziarski penned in a blog column that such hints can remain for months. And he also said it looks like the only method to truly tatter the chats is to delete WhatsApp from your device. Zdziarski told that Apple owned iMessage software also undergoes from the same problem.

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Neither Facebook owned WhatsApp nor Apple instantly answered to a claim for statement. The subject of privacy, coding messages so those can be read only by the intended recipient, arose to the picture in 2013 afterward Edward Snowden seeped secret documents about the US Security Agency’s craving for collecting people’s digital data.

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It’s since driven arguments between the techie industry and government around the globe. Zdziarski revealed there is nothing for WhatsApp end-users to get panic around the deleted chats matter but they should be alert that ruling enforcement and others might possibly access allegedly trashed exchanges. He also listed ways to alleviate the issue. WhatsApp believed in February that 1 billion individuals were using their social media app, on several devices.