VMware gives up on dual-persona concept smartphone tier with Airwatch

Virtzilla had the clue of dual-persona mobilephones back in about 2011, when it drifted the notion of a Mobile Virtual Platform (MVP) hypervisor.

The idea was for handset-makers to fit the hypervisor and for carriers to practice VMware’s back-ender to allow BYOPD phones to have a predictable Android environment for all but it was tough task that required more safety. When workers tapped the switch into the second, buttoned-down, persona, they’d be permitted through the firewall and presented access to a variety of apps provided by IT.

VMware had a twosome of wins that came to be known as Horizon Mobile, with Telefonica having a go and Verizon passing up to play with handsets from LG and Motorola. But The Reg’s virtualization desk hasn’t heard much about the model of late and Marshall today told us that the idea has been “shut down” at the event in Sydney.

“You can’t out-Google Google,” Marshall said puzzlingly, possibly referring to the fact that Android 5 Lollipop – now deals multiple user accounts and therefore marks dual-persona mobilephones a bit less attractive. Marshall added that he individually argued very toughly against continuing with the dual persona plan, but that the choice to stop pursuing it was a “group judgment” prepared by VMware and Airwatch.