Vaio Prepares to Join With Toshiba & Fujitsu to Produce a ‘PC Giant’

vaio toshiba fujistu

The Sony derivative Vaio has announced that it plans to join with the computer divisions of its competitors Toshiba and Fujitsu as early as next month to form a Japanese “Personal Computer giant.”

With the PC marketplace in weakening mode, Hidemi Moue, CEO of Japan Industrial Partners who pedals Vaio has publicized that it assumes to reach an contract with the other two establishments in March 2016. As per latest technology news, Vaio would grip the major share in the PC super power group.

The idea would be for saving money on Research & Development and production expenditures. It is scarcely a fresh perception: We have grasped the same thing occurred with screens and semiconductor chips in the last era. Hidemi clarified what will occur this period around: ”The PC market is dwindling, means there are advantages in working organized to make the most of exploration, production capacities and advertising networks. We can do it with minimal market competition.”

The combined enterprise would cover for about one by third of the entire Japanese market, which as per Moue is where it would emphasis, in the beginning at least. So you might not be buying a Vaio-Toshiba-Fujitsu crossbreed just yet, even if things get obvious in March.