Upcoming shoes transfers energy from walking to power up gadgets

It will be pretty tough to keep your gadgets charged up and prepared to work or play all day if you are not nearby a power outlet. There are numerous solar chargers and movable battery packs out there in the market, however those are not ideal in all conditions. A group of scientists are working on a very innovative way to charge the gadgets while you walk with a pair of shoes that have energy collecting technology inside.

“Human walking transmits a lot of useful energy,” says Tom Krupenkin , Head of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin. “Notional estimates show that it can produce up to 10 watts/shoe, and that energy is just wasted as heat. A total of 20 watts from walking is a big portion, particularly related to the power necessities of the range of modern mobile devices.”

The squad has been working to advance new method of altering mechanical energy into electrical energy source that would work for producing power from a human walker. The procedure, the team is doing now is known as inverse electrowetting. This method uses a conductive liquid which works with a Nano film-coated surface that is able to produce electricity inside the shoes module.