Transfer Files from iPhone to PC Quickly?

Generally, you can sync your iPhone files to computer with iTunes software, but we should know that this kind of backup files formed by iTunes are unseen on your PC, and files in the backup file also cannot be viewed or shared between devices. When you procured a new iPhone and wish to sync all your preferred songs or valuable photos from the old iPhone to the new one, iTunes also useless in these conditions.This is really interesting as per Technology news.

Thus, iPhone users desire to find a method to export and save the iPhone files on their computers for additional sharing, editing or any other reasons. MobiKin Assistant for iOS software is a stand alone desktop computer, which allows you to get way in to the iPhone’s internal memory & preview files in the program in fine points.

Steps are here:

Step1. Launch the MobiKin Program and Make Your gadget Detected

Ensure the iOS machine is connected to computer, then run the program on your computer after the installation process. The tool will auto-detect the gadget which is connected to the PC, and display the basic information of your gadget in the main interface window.

Step2. Preview & Find Your Aimed Files Quickly

In the main interface, all files on your iPhones have been scanned and categorized in singular folders. You can check these folders to view the full contents. You are also permitted to type keywords of the file in the search box on the top corner and straight locate your target files in the gadget.

Step3. Mark Files and Export to PC

Mark the required files and click the button “Export” to save them on your computer storage.