Top Six Facebook Tricks for Android

Whether you are using Facebook application on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or a loyal Nexus 7, you’ll find these tips supportive for sorting through your news feed, step up the security of your account, finding the superlative content faster and sharing status updates simply, plus more in addition.

  1. Use the FB widget

Facebook’s widget is simple, but is very useful. It gives you a scrollable window for pressing through your friends’ status updates without the further adverts and other gear in the full app.

You can update your own status from the widget too, by tapping Share. It’s a handy way of getting important data right there on your home screen.The Facebook widget presents easy way in to the most important updates.

  1. Manage FB notifications

Covering in a deluge of updates and alert from your friends? You’ll be pleased to hear that Facebook really makes it pretty simple to switch particular types of notification on and off.

Head to App settings > Notification setting and you’ll be able to enable or disable alert for wall posts, messages, comments, friend requests, photo tags, event invite and more.

  1. Find the interesting places on nearby

The Facebook app for Android can do certain tricks that the desktop site can’t – such as making better use of your place. Choose Nearby Places to find places in the region of you that have their own FB Page.

It’s a handy way to find out restaurants, bars, shops or other venues if you are in an unknown part of the world. Tap on any entry for more information regarding that place.

  1. Filter the FB news feed

You don’t have to settle for the standard news feed list of updates. The Facebook app gives you access to your customized lists from the main menu too. To change the list someone appears in, simply head to their profile and tap Friends > Edit Friend List.

If you want to add or remove any whole lists (‘family’ or ‘best friends’, for example), you’ll need to do this from a computer.

  1. Share from other applications

Sharing across apps is one of Android’s great strength, so make use of it: tap the Share button while you’re viewing a photo gallery, web browser or anything else, and FB will appear as one of the options.

This is a great way of allocating something to your timeline without having to really go into FB, and you still get all the normal status update choices.

  1. Stop FB videos from auto playing

One of the most helpful entries in the Facebook app setting is Video Auto-play. It allows you twirl autoplay on or off, or permit it when you are on a Wi-Fi connection only.

This will save on data usage while you’re out and about, as well as stop your news feed turning into a list of unwanted video loops.