Apple replaces MacBook USB-C charging cables

If you have Apple's new 12-inch Retina Mac Books in the initial months after it launched in 2015, then you have to check the company's latest parts replacement package over the USB-C charging cables that sent with the laptop. It looks that the cables that one or the other shipped with

Speed up Your Google Chrome in 7 steps!

chrome speed up

You can get your Google Chrome browser quicker when going through these phases, strikingly faster and sharper. These techno-tips work for both Mac and Windows. Tip 1: Update Google Chrome If you have not shut Google Chrome in a while then maybe there is an update waiting for you, it can convey if

$5 billion of stocks are buying back by Amazon

amazon buyback, the world's prime e- commerce firm, revealed in its board meeting share buyback program worth $5 billion, as per Technology News. The buyback platform swaps the $2 billion repurchase scheme approved in the year 2010. The establishment had $763 million left over under the former strategy. The company's shares raised

Microsoft & GoPro signals Deal For File Storing Technology

microsoft gopro patent

Microsoft [Microsoft Licensing LLC], and GoPro declared that they have engaged a combined patent licensing contract for “few file storage and added system technologies.” “This contract with GoPro displays the unbelievable extent of technology sharing empowered through patent connections,” said Nick Psyhogeus, president of Microsoft Technology, in awaited brief statement. “Microsoft’s