Microsoft & GoPro signals Deal For File Storing Technology

microsoft gopro patent

Microsoft [Microsoft Licensing LLC], and GoPro declared that they have engaged a combined patent licensing contract for “few file storage and added system technologies.” “This contract with GoPro displays the unbelievable extent of technology sharing empowered through patent connections,” said Nick Psyhogeus, president of Microsoft Technology, in awaited brief statement. “Microsoft’s

Reset Windows 10 Password for Local Microsoft Account

Forgot password to log into Windows 10 is no longer a problem of distressing, because there are many resolutions that you can use to reset the password. In this tutorial we'll show you an easy way to get back into Windows 10 if you forgot the password of a local

Microsoft is ending the support for IE versions 8, 9 and 10

Microsoft is ending the support for the older versions 8, 9 and 10 of its home-built browser Internet Explorer, thereby boosting Windows users to change on to Internet Explorer version 11 or its latest Edge browser. Microsoft is going to publish one last update for IE8, IE9 and IE10, but this