What is the ‘i’ in Apple Gadgets?

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It is possibly one of the most important alphabet in the world — but nobody is completely certain what it stands for. On the launch of first iPhone, ‘i’ was one of its important features. And it typically denotes ‘internet’, however not totally, and the technodots looks on the tale of how

VMware gives up on dual-persona concept smartphone tier with Airwatch

Virtzilla had the clue of dual-persona mobilephones back in about 2011, when it drifted the notion of a Mobile Virtual Platform (MVP) hypervisor. The idea was for handset-makers to fit the hypervisor and for carriers to practice VMware's back-ender to allow BYOPD phones to have a predictable Android environment for

China Setting Up Fund for Its Electronics Industry

A Chinese technology controller said this week that it would conjoin with a bank to set up a $30 billion reserve to upkeep the country’s vast electronics stock chain: Technology news highlights The formation of the new fund highlights China’s inspirations to increase its tech abilities and also indicates how those