Google Translate enhances support for 13 new languages

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Google Translate has enhanced its support for 13 novel languages, carrying the overall number of supported languages to 103. The fresh languages rolling out to Google Translate over the upcoming days include:   Amharic    Corsican    Frisian    Kyrgyz    Hawaiian    Kurdish (Kurmanji)    Luxembourgish    Samoan    Scots Gaelic    Shona    Sindhi    Pashto    Xhosa As per Google, the

$5 billion of stocks are buying back by Amazon

amazon buyback, the world's prime e- commerce firm, revealed in its board meeting share buyback program worth $5 billion, as per Technology News. The buyback platform swaps the $2 billion repurchase scheme approved in the year 2010. The establishment had $763 million left over under the former strategy. The company's shares raised

How can Add Currency Symbols to Text | Android OS

The typical keyboard that originates with most versions of Android comprises the euro icon (€), but that character is not directly visible. When you are tapping out an email note or other text and want to add the euro symbol, tap the ?123 key in the lower-left junction of the