Snapchat undergoes major global outage


The social media company Snapchat have conformed in a tweet “we are aware of the difficulties and working on a solution” but doesn’t say when the matter will be fixed out. Many handlers say they’re having snags with pages loading, signing in/out and sharing videos, though others say snapchat app is working fine as per technology news

The hitches seem to have ongoing on Tuesday morning and are still remaining in some extents. The portal Down Detector, which trails website outages, shows 4,000+ people were reporting the issues at many parts of the world although that figure has dropped.

Snapchat established in 2011 by three students 0f Stanford university , allows users to gather snaps into a story that can be observed by other users in consecutive order, with each snap obtainable for 24 hours after its placement. Together with end-users stories, Snapchat also structures curated live stories, with contents from various users centering on a specific subject or event, as well as networks of short-form content from major publishers along the world.