Several Xbox 360 games run well on Xbox One, but some are ‘closely unplayable’!

     On a technical level, it’s striking that Microsoft has been able to catch Xbox 360 titles operating on the Xbox One at all — rivalling modern console design is a hugely interesting task. But now the feature is accessible, how well does it really work? As Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry intelligences in an extensive exploration that’s well worth checking out, the outcomes are mixed.

On the positive side, the Xbox One outfits vertical sync through the board, meaning that Xbox 360 games run without any screen tearing at all. 1080p up- scaling quality sees a “slight improvement,” while games that require disc and hard drive access rights often perform faster — this makes intellect, since Xbox 360 games need to be totally installed to the Xbox One hard drive even if you still have the disc.

   The original Gears of War is mentioned as a title that benefits from quicker texture streaming, however you might want to check out the Xbox One-specific Ultimate Version if you’re going in fresh. Hydro Thunder and Condemned are also stated to run well on the Xbox One as per the latest technology news.