Samsung incomes remains to fall, looks to IoT for support

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Firms are starting to expose their monetary performance for the last quarter and the entire year of 2015 and, in overall, things are taking a faintly negative trend, even for the likes of Apple.

Naturally, Samsung’s story isn’t any improved one and its returns continue to slide down. This time, though, its semiconductor trade, as well as the foreign exchange position of the Korean Won, which it has conventionally trusted on, wasn’t enough to save it. So this period around, it is looking to a new marketplace segment, the Smart Home and Smart Health market, for hopefulness, as per latest Technology News.

Samsung logged $44.08 billion in consolidated income and 5.07 billion in functional profits for the last quarter of 2015. Its performance for the whole of 2015 amounted to $165.90 billion in income and $21.84 billion in operating returns. These numbers really signify a negative turn for the corporation, especially for the quarter-on-quarter evaluation, which Samsung characteristics to many market features, including dropping oil prices, the strong Korean Won, and seasonally weedy sales of its merchandises.