Roku Bets on 4K & HDR for Roku TVs in the year 2016

technology updatesIf you think online streaming facilities and 4K video content are the upcoming kits for your TV watching, look no more than Roku’s statement ahead of CES 2016 about the all-new 4K ultra-HD Roku TV-fitted units that will be obtainable from various makers starting this year.

Just like its latest and most commanding media streaming box – the Roku 4 – Roku TVs will aid you find ultra-high-definition content via the 4K Spotlight Channel, to mark the most of your finest display. The Roku TV platform was declared at CES 2014 – and two years on, the firm claims it has captured 8% of the smart TV marketplace in the US and has proven its presence in one million homes with the benefit of partners.

Apart from the above-mentioned 4K content and thanks to the original Roku OS, you also get a personalized home screen, more than 3,000 streaming stations, and a search feature that explores through each service you are subscribed to.

Roku is also functioning with its TV associates to integrate its own “HDR reference design” in the 4K sets that are being formed. High dynamic range (HDR) images can convey content with a greater range of brightness levels which renders to a “richer image” in plain English, and is something brands will gamble big on at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

60 new Roku TV models – from Haier, Hisense, Insignia, Sharp and TCL – will be released through North America this year, with Chinese manufacturer TCL getting onto the shelves end of March in the US.