Vaio Prepares to Join With Toshiba & Fujitsu to Produce a ‘PC Giant’

vaio toshiba fujistu

The Sony derivative Vaio has announced that it plans to join with the computer divisions of its competitors Toshiba and Fujitsu as early as next month to form a Japanese “Personal Computer giant.” With the PC marketplace in weakening mode, Hidemi Moue, CEO of Japan Industrial Partners who pedals Vaio has

Samsung shows off waterproofing feature in Galaxy S7

samsung s7

Samsung displays the waterproofing feature in Galaxy S7 shown on Samsung Indonesia youtube channel, as an much awaiting gadget in technology world. It is expected to have Android 6.0 in OS, 4GB RAM,20MP Camera with Snapdragon 820 as the backbone. Source: Samsung Youtube Channel See More Videos on :

Apple TV remote app with makeover for iPhone coming very soon!!

apple tv

If there was one undesirable aspect about the new Apple TV that users exposed at its launch was its restriction on carrying out searches & typing text with the set-top box's built-in remote. As luck would have it, Apple soon released the tv OS 9.1 software update late last year refining

Bill Gates discloses How Hacked His School’s Computer for Meeting Girls

bill gates microsoft

Born in a professional family, Bill Gates shaped one of the largest software establishments in the world. Computers attracted him from an early age and he applied his skill to drudge into his school’s computers to meet girls. Technodots looks into his experiences. Bill Gates requires no outline at all, he

MaruOS makes Android Smartphone to a Linux Desktop Computer?

maru os

A bunch of developers has freshly exposed MaruOS that privileges to change the Android phone into a Linux computer. As soon as you attach an external HDMI screen to your smartphone, MaruOS energies a Debian-based OS on the larger screen. “Your phone runs individually of your desktop so you can