Nexus 6P Review: Google Overtakes iPhone 6S in challenge

Highlight in Technology News…We equate Apple and Google’s ultimate handsets to find out which is on the top!

New intelligences suggest that Android and iOS account for 98% of the smartphone marketplace, so probabilities are your next phone will use one of the two smartphone OS. The best iOS phone is visibly the iPhone 6s Plus, while the Nexus 6P now signifies Google’s vision of the perfect Android phone.

Why Huawei Nexus 6P vs Apple iPhone 6s?

Unlike the Android phones from Sony, HTC, OnePlus and now BlackBerry, the Nexus 6P comes with Android precisely as Google intended it. That means it’s the true Android counterpart of the iPhone 6s Plus, and the perfect smartphone to pit against it.

So how does the best of iOS load up against the best of Android? Read our assessment of the iPhone 6s Plus and Nexus 6P to catch out, in the Technology news section.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Nexus 6P: Phone Design

Apple’s iPhone has led the container when it comes to phone design, with firms such as HTC, Samsung and Huawei all taking inspiration from its Jonathan Ive-designed phones.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus review: 3D Touch is remarkable on the 6 Plus’ 5.5in display

The latest iPhone remains the company’s delicate industrial design, and is one of the best-looking Apple smartphones to date. Accessible in silver, gold, “Space Grey” and now “Rose Gold”, the iPhone 6s Plus is a object of beauty. Presenting a Gorilla Glass cover that seems to melt into the rest of the frame, the front of the phone is is flat and rounded – only interjected by Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. After the iPhone 5s, Apple desirable to step up its game, and the iPhone 6s Plus does just that.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Nexus 6P: Display

The iPhone Plus have a LED-backlit IPS LCD with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a dpi of 401. Though, the screen on the Google Nexus 6P is even further impressive. As well as using lively AMOLED technology, the Nexus 6P too uses 1440 x 2560 pixels for a striking ppi figure of 518.

When it comes to total score, the screen of the Nexus 6P has the 6s Plus beat, too. Featuring a display gauging 5.7in across the diagonal, the 6P’s screen is around 0.2in bigger than the iPhone’s.

Verdict: Nexus 6P wins . Google’s flagship destroys the iPhone in this arena, but that doesn’t come as a great surprise. The last few iPhones may have represented the best overall smartphone, but their screens have literally paled in comparison to those of their Android counterparts. The iPhone 6s uses outdated LCD technology, and that means it looks decidedly lacklustre when compared to the vibrant high resolution screen of the Nexus 6P.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Nexus 6P: Features

The Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6s Plus signify the best Google and Apple has to offer so, as you’d think, they’re packed with features. Both phones feature – although differently sited – fingerprint readers, both offer a way of wirelessly paying for goods, and both too feature a camera that could substitute your separate one.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Nexus 6P: Specifications

Apple has positioned one of its A8 processors below the hood of the iPhone 6s Plus, and while the company hasn’t prearranged solid details about it, we now identify it’s a dual-core 1.84GHz processor. In contrast, Google has integrated a quad-core 1.55GHz powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 into the Nexus 6P. Google’s phone also uses 3GB of RAM for iPhone’s 2GB.

As for storage? The Nexus 6P is offered with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of SSD space, whereas the iPhone 6s Plus comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Nexus 6P: Price and Conclusion

Google’s Nexus 6P starts at $650 for the 32GB version, and ranges to $710 for the 64GB handset and $840 for the range-topping 128Gb version. The iPhone 6s Plus is much treasured, costing $1015 for a 64GB model – $290 more than the corresponding Nexus 6P.

Conclusion: Nexus 6P wins on points. On paper, the Nexus 6P bangs the iPhone 6s easily. Like many Android phones, it features more striking hardware than its iPhone opponent and for a lower price. Still, the Nexus 6P can compete with the iPhone 6s & samsung S6 on a shallow level, as per the hottest technology news.

However, buying a phone is more particular, and the best phone for you will depend on a number of aspects. While both smartphones represent a great buying, users will also need to consider which phones they already own, and if they’re probable to buy more Google or Apple devices in the upcoming days.