Microsoft & GoPro signals Deal For File Storing Technology

microsoft gopro patent

Microsoft [Microsoft Licensing LLC], and GoPro declared that they have engaged a combined patent licensing contract for “few file storage and added system technologies.”

“This contract with GoPro displays the unbelievable extent of technology sharing empowered through patent connections,” said Nick Psyhogeus, president of Microsoft Technology, in awaited brief statement. “Microsoft’s licensing of individual wearable technology is sighted strong response as we partnered with companies from all businesses to enhance solutions for their customers round the earth.”

The details of the agreement are confidential till now and either Microsoft or GoPro not revealed any particulars afar from this basic declaration. It’s uncertain which patents are really protected by this. It’s values noting, although, that Microsoft Licensing openly lists the exFAT file storage system as one of the key technologies that are obtainable for licensing, so odds are this is roofed under the agreement. exFAT file system allows for saving bigger files on storage media from 32GB to 256TB. The latest GoPro gadgets can handle SD cards with up to 128GB of space. For higher cards, GoPro now uses the exFAT file format, but for minor ones under 64GB, it still practices the old FAT format, which then tearing up files in 4GB segments since that is the extreme file size for FAT32 disks available now.