MaruOS makes Android Smartphone to a Linux Desktop Computer?

maru os

A bunch of developers has freshly exposed MaruOS that privileges to change the Android phone into a Linux computer. As soon as you attach an external HDMI screen to your smartphone, MaruOS energies a Debian-based OS on the larger screen.

“Your phone runs individually of your desktop so you can take a call and work on your big display at the same phase,” MaruOS engraves on their website.

We have seen Microsoft conveying the magic of Continuum feature with Windows 10 that changes your smartphone into a PC. Challenging to that, its biggest open source opponent Canonical newly introduced world’s first tablet working on Ubuntu Linux that converts to become a PC.

Sounds good, how could Android stay behind in this race to achieve conjunction! So, a set of developers has publicized what they call MaruOS, which carries the same functionality to the Android phone with a bit of twist.

Before saying you further about the OS, we can have a look, how it is unlike from Windows 10 Continuum or Ubuntu’s Convergence. Though Windows 10 and Ubuntu need just one OS on the gadget, MaruOS truly installs OS’s on the same machine. “Your smartphone runs individually of the desktop so you can take a call and work on your big screen at the same instance,” MaruOS inscribes on their website.