IPhone gets disabled if Apple detects third-party repairs with ‘error 53’

iphone error53

The hottest software update for iPhone 6 smartphones is apparently rendering the devices inoperable if it spots repairs not done by Apple authorized stores.

The problem is identified as “error 53” and has seemed in Apple products earlier. As per latest technology news, The users phones were disabled after the Touch ID home key was repaired by a non-Apple expertise. The concern appears to arise when devices have been updated to the latest smartphone OS, iOS 9.

As reported, the experience of a professional photographer, Antonio Olmos, who states the difficulty occurred on his iPhone after he upgraded its software version. As per Olmos, he has spent thousands of pounds on Apple products over the years, took it to an Apple store in London, staff told him there was nothing they could do, and that his smartphone was now scrap the paper notes.