Google’s tool for brands & public figures publish straight to Google search

google search tool

In 2016 first quarter, Google introduced a new tool to permit presidential candidates publish posts about their assessments straight to Google search results.

Currently, the company is extending this feature to the marketable realm and posing it to a choice group of small business sections. Google is naming the Posts tool “an experimental new platform on Google Search” and states it plans to make it accessible to “other noticeable figures and organizations.”

The new tool is not given as advertisement, as Google is not currently charging businesses for the treatment. Obviously, that could alter in the future. ‚ÄúThis is an experimental search option we are testing, but it is not tangled to Google+ platform,” a Google spokesperson reveals. “We are presently testing with presidential candidates and just in progress with some small businesses for a trial period.”

google search tool

The small business feature was first patterned by Google search expert Mike Blumenthal, while searching he marked a Posts page for a jewelry store “Engagement Rings Buffalo”. This tool could be a boon businesses trying to attract responsiveness and a potential revenue output for Google, which could sooner or later charge brands for their content.

It is exciting that Google is testing with this tool totally separate from Google+ platform, which also allows brands to circulate content.

Source: Google News