Google tells how much it compensated who bought for 1minute

Sanmay VedSanmay Ved

Sanmay VedSanmay Ved have bought the domain for a minute, but he contributed his reward for charity organization.

In October, scholar and ex-Google staff Sanmay Ved made captions when he achieved to buy the “” domain for 1 minute. Ved believed he was just being pretty, but Google decided to offer Ved a financial compensation anyway. At the stage, Ved declined to share how much Google presented him, telling only that it was “10,000+.”

“Our early financial payment to Sanmay — $6,006.13 — spelled-out Google, arithmetically. We then doubled over this total when Sanmay offered his compensation to charity,” Google wrote. That’s right: Ved’s payment was a silly number game. As Google records here, Ved finished up giving his winnings to the learning charity ‘The Art of Living’, Technology news states.

That blog column was intended to share the outcomes of Google’s bug bounty suite, where it pays cash to hackers for finding errors in the search giant’s facilities. Google says it paid out $2 million last year to 300+ hackers and security scholars.