Facebook’s Fresh ‘Like’ Button Choices Coming ‘Pretty Soon’

facebook new emotions

It won’t be stretched before Facebook’s users have further ways to rapidly express their moods on the world’s biggest social media grid. After 4 months of analysis, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declares five new emotions will be additional to the social network along the world “very soon.”

Zuckerberg have not given a more tangible timetable while conversing the new feature with experts in a conference call. The other preferences will expand Facebook outside the famous thumbs-up symbol that persons click on to show they like a statement, photo or video displayed on the social network.

The new emotions will include signs for “angry,” ”sad,” ”wow,” ”haha,” ”yay” & “love.”

Apart from converging on mobile, Facebook has been concentrating spending on what it calls “big gambles,” including virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and drones to connect the isolated parts of the world to the networks of network, Internet.