Elon Musk Desires To Develop An Electric Air Plane with ‘Vertical Take Off & Landing’

elon electric plane

Elon Musk is famous for doing incredible things in changing the world. This gentleman prepared electric vehicles typical with the launching of Tesla and is busy making planetary travel more unbelievable with SpaceX.

So, what may be the next target in Elon Musk future plan? Freshly, responding a Q&A conference at the SpaceX Hyper loop Award Ceremony, Musk spoken about evolving an electric airplane which would be having the capability to take off and land vertically. He expressed that he has been thinking since some time and it looks that he’s prepared to get on track with his “the next big” venture.

Remarkably, last year Musk spoken about the idea and said that he could not follow it because he did not have a lot of spare time on his hands. He said that these days he has been thoughtful about it “a bit more”. “I think I have somewhat that might close. I am quite curious to do something about it,” he told. While he did not converse more details about the plan, the gathering responded actively.