Chrome iOS update cuts software crashes by 70%

chrome ios update

It’s not frequently that a establishment will come forth and let you tell that their product has a propensity to fail on a steady basis. When they do, it’s usually followed by an statement about how they’ve solved the problem. And that’s appealing much precisely how things went down today, when Google publicized a fresh version of Chrome for iOS.

According to Google product manager Abdel Karim Mardini, the largest criticism the team heard about the iOS version of Chrome is “this app crashes a lot in apple gadgets.” I’m sure it’s not fun catch that the app that your team works on overcoming crashes a lot, but at least they’re rolling out a fix for it. If you check your updates, you should find Chrome 48 is waiting for you.

The fixes that the team has been functioning on should cut the number of crashes by 70%. What’s more, he claims that version 48 is “the single biggest change we have done to the product since we rolled it out.”