China plans their 1st Microgravity Satellite in 2016

shijian 10

China is ready to launch their 1st microgravity satellite as an experiment scope in the second quarter of 2016, as per the latest technology news reports.

The satellite named Shijian-10 arrived at Jiuquan Satellite Centre in Gansu province on Wednesday, before its arranged launch. Shijian-10 is the 1st microgravity experimental satellite from China intended for piloting technical experimentation in space, told Chunhua, deputy chief engineer of the upcoming project, Shijian-10.

It will do a total of 20 experiments relating microgravity, microgravity ignition, space substances, space radioactivity effects and space biotechnology through the 15 day mission. Currently, researchers round the world are in work on services to make microgravity situations, such as parabolic airplane, sounding skyrockets and other trial platforms, which can deliver a microgravity atmosphere for some minutes. But for studying further about microgravity, a satellite like Shijian-10 is essential.


The Shijian-10 is dissimilar from normal satellites, as they are returnable. After finishing its mission, it will comeback with the outcomes. The Shijian-10 has distinctive shape, alike a bullet. In the induction process, it does not need payload firing as the satellite itself takes on that shielding role. Also as there is a short flight time, the satellite is prepared with chemical batteries as an alternative of solar panels.