Google’s tool for brands & public figures publish straight to Google search

google search tool

In 2016 first quarter, Google introduced a new tool to permit presidential candidates publish posts about their assessments straight to Google search results. Currently, the company is extending this feature to the marketable realm and posing it to a choice group of small business sections. Google is naming the Posts tool

What does ‘Samsung Pay’ means?

samsung pay s7

Samsung Pay, an innovative payment platform that allows you to pay for things and facilities just by waving your Samsung device nearby a cash-register as a replacement for of swiping the credit card or entering  your payment information, it has been lively in the United States and South Korea for

Awaited Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge Launched in MWC 2016

samsung galaxy s7

In advance of the MWC 2016, Samsung has publicized the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which will be the flagship smartphone from Samsung for the year 2016. Alike the last year’s smartphone releases, the much expected smartphone arises in two options: the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The

Vaio Prepares to Join With Toshiba & Fujitsu to Produce a ‘PC Giant’

vaio toshiba fujistu

The Sony derivative Vaio has announced that it plans to join with the computer divisions of its competitors Toshiba and Fujitsu as early as next month to form a Japanese “Personal Computer giant.” With the PC marketplace in weakening mode, Hidemi Moue, CEO of Japan Industrial Partners who pedals Vaio has

IPhone gets disabled if Apple detects third-party repairs with ‘error 53’

iphone error53

The hottest software update for iPhone 6 smartphones is apparently rendering the devices inoperable if it spots repairs not done by Apple authorized stores. The problem is identified as "error 53" and has seemed in Apple products earlier. As per latest technology news, The users phones were disabled after the Touch

Apple States 1Billion iDevices Are Active around the World

apple devices world

Above a billion Apple gadgets have been active over the last 3 months, the corporation announced as part of its 2016 1st-quarter incomes report. "Regardless of the economic challenges all over the world, Apple remains amazingly strong," said CEO Tim Cook in a discussion. That's not a billion iPhones, though: iPads,