What does ‘Samsung Pay’ means?

samsung pay s7

Samsung Pay, an innovative payment platform that allows you to pay for things and facilities just by waving your Samsung device nearby a cash-register as a replacement for of swiping the credit card or entering  your payment information, it has been lively in the United States and South Korea for

Samsung shows off waterproofing feature in Galaxy S7

samsung s7

Samsung displays the waterproofing feature in Galaxy S7 shown on Samsung Indonesia youtube channel, as an much awaiting gadget in technology world. It is expected to have Android 6.0 in OS, 4GB RAM,20MP Camera with Snapdragon 820 as the backbone. Source: Samsung Youtube Channel See More Videos on : www.technodots.com/category/technology-videos

Elon Musk Desires To Develop An Electric Air Plane with ‘Vertical Take Off & Landing’

elon electric plane

Elon Musk is famous for doing incredible things in changing the world. This gentleman prepared electric vehicles typical with the launching of Tesla and is busy making planetary travel more unbelievable with SpaceX. So, what may be the next target in Elon Musk future plan? Freshly, responding a Q&A conference at

Easy jet’s fuel saving airplane makes water, passengers can drink

easyjet water

Aircraft travelers could soon be served water mended by a hybrid fuel method being settled by a budget airline operator to save up to £24m/year. UK-based Easyjet plans to consume hydrogen fuel cell energized from the landing braking structure to offer power when landing on the ground. This method would produce

Tesla Focuses into Renewable Energy Storage

telsa powerwall

Company confidences its lithium-ion battery can decrease the dependency on fossil fuels. Tesla’s noiseless electric cars have prepared a lot of noise in the auto industry by joining leading-edge green technology with stylish good appearances. Currently Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, purposes to tremor things up again, this time aiming

Sony Shapes Smart Home Hub for Ceiling Light

sony smart light

Sony recently declared its Multifunctional Light, a ceiling lamp that comes out with sensors to talk to smart stuffs. It contains sensors for motion, illumination, temperature and humidity functions. As per technology news, there is also the necessary Wi-Fi radio, a memory card slot included, a condenser microphone, and an infrared

DARPA desires to make Brain-Translating Machine

brain translation darpa

As per latest technology news,the Pentagon's research member, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), declared a new program intended at evolving an implantable neural interfacing solution that would translate to signals which the computers can understand. Phillip Alveda, Manager for DARPA's Neural Engineering Design program, said in a speech, "Today's

What’s New in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Google powered Android Marshmallow presents a reformed application authorization model: there are now merely eight permission categories, and applications are no longer routinely granted all of their itemized permissions at installation time. A new API named "Assist" lets information from a currently-opened application, containing text and a screenshot of the present