WhatsApp chats keep a record even after deletion, says security researcher

WhatsApp in an iPhone? Your chats might not be as secure as you think. In spite of the popular messaging application’s notice earlier this year that it would encrypt all the user data, a security investigator  revealed that the newest version of WhatsApp for iOS software for iPhone devices plants some

Apple TV remote app with makeover for iPhone coming very soon!!

apple tv

If there was one undesirable aspect about the new Apple TV that users exposed at its launch was its restriction on carrying out searches & typing text with the set-top box's built-in remote. As luck would have it, Apple soon released the tv OS 9.1 software update late last year refining

Android Wear with Speaker Support and Innovative Gestures, Voice Input Features

new android wear

Google released an update to Android Wear that carries a couple of fresh features to the smart watch stage. As per technology news, perhaps the most motivating of these is Android Wear’s capability to use the speakers that are currently inside some of the modern watches. If you buy a Huawei

IPhone gets disabled if Apple detects third-party repairs with ‘error 53’

iphone error53

The hottest software update for iPhone 6 smartphones is apparently rendering the devices inoperable if it spots repairs not done by Apple authorized stores. The problem is identified as "error 53" and has seemed in Apple products earlier. As per latest technology news, The users phones were disabled after the Touch

Microsoft & GoPro signals Deal For File Storing Technology

microsoft gopro patent

Microsoft [Microsoft Licensing LLC], and GoPro declared that they have engaged a combined patent licensing contract for “few file storage and added system technologies.” “This contract with GoPro displays the unbelievable extent of technology sharing empowered through patent connections,” said Nick Psyhogeus, president of Microsoft Technology, in awaited brief statement. “Microsoft’s

Innovative Transparent Metal Could Create Smartphones Cheaper

transparent metal for smartphone

As gadgets get smaller, economical and faster, one vital component leftovers costly: the display. Almost 90% of smartphone touchscreens use a rare and costly compound named indium tin oxide, which has kept the value of such screens in height. Now, scientists at Pennsylvania University have advanced a new material, called strontium

Facebook’s Fresh ‘Like’ Button Choices Coming ‘Pretty Soon’

facebook new emotions

It won't be stretched before Facebook's users have further ways to rapidly express their moods on the world's biggest social media grid. After 4 months of analysis, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declares five new emotions will be additional to the social network along the world "very soon." Zuckerberg have not given

Samsung incomes remains to fall, looks to IoT for support

samsung logo

Firms are starting to expose their monetary performance for the last quarter and the entire year of 2015 and, in overall, things are taking a faintly negative trend, even for the likes of Apple. Naturally, Samsung's story isn't any improved one and its returns continue to slide down. This time, though,