Facebook’s Fresh ‘Like’ Button Choices Coming ‘Pretty Soon’

facebook new emotions

It won't be stretched before Facebook's users have further ways to rapidly express their moods on the world's biggest social media grid. After 4 months of analysis, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declares five new emotions will be additional to the social network along the world "very soon." Zuckerberg have not given

Best and Easy way to transfer data between any mobile phones

We have only few or inadequate options when it comes to transferring data from Android devices to iPhone/iPad, most take the way of using WhatsApp / Google Drive / Dropbox to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Not only it consumes data but is also less speedy, and results in

Microsoft releases more firmware updates on their Surface 3, Pro 3, Pro 4 & Book

There are news from many corners that state system updates for Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 are headed down the Windows Update channel. Surface Pro 3 shows two updates available: "Intel driver update for IntelĀ® HD Graphics Family" and "System Firmware Update. Microsoft is giving what is supposed to be

Microsoft is ending the support for IE versions 8, 9 and 10

Microsoft is ending the support for the older versions 8, 9 and 10 of its home-built browser Internet Explorer, thereby boosting Windows users to change on to Internet Explorer version 11 or its latest Edge browser. Microsoft is going to publish one last update for IE8, IE9 and IE10, but this