Google Translate enhances support for 13 new languages

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Google Translate has enhanced its support for 13 novel languages, carrying the overall number of supported languages to 103. The fresh languages rolling out to Google Translate over the upcoming days include:   Amharic    Corsican    Frisian    Kyrgyz    Hawaiian    Kurdish (Kurmanji)    Luxembourgish    Samoan    Scots Gaelic    Shona    Sindhi    Pashto    Xhosa As per Google, the

Vaio Prepares to Join With Toshiba & Fujitsu to Produce a ‘PC Giant’

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The Sony derivative Vaio has announced that it plans to join with the computer divisions of its competitors Toshiba and Fujitsu as early as next month to form a Japanese “Personal Computer giant.” With the PC marketplace in weakening mode, Hidemi Moue, CEO of Japan Industrial Partners who pedals Vaio has

Bill Gates discloses How Hacked His School’s Computer for Meeting Girls

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Born in a professional family, Bill Gates shaped one of the largest software establishments in the world. Computers attracted him from an early age and he applied his skill to drudge into his school’s computers to meet girls. Technodots looks into his experiences. Bill Gates requires no outline at all, he

Microsoft & GoPro signals Deal For File Storing Technology

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Microsoft [Microsoft Licensing LLC], and GoPro declared that they have engaged a combined patent licensing contract for “few file storage and added system technologies.” “This contract with GoPro displays the unbelievable extent of technology sharing empowered through patent connections,” said Nick Psyhogeus, president of Microsoft Technology, in awaited brief statement. “Microsoft’s

Finally Oracle killing the Java browser plug-in!!

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Oracle has publicized that it’s about to kill its Java browser plug-in. As per recent technology news, this change cannot come quickly enough — in recent years, the Java browser plug-in has turn out to be a favored objective of hackers and malware playwrights. A 2014 report from Cisco appealed

Google tells how much it compensated who bought for 1minute

Sanmay VedSanmay Ved

Sanmay VedSanmay Ved have bought the domain for a minute, but he contributed his reward for charity organization. In October, scholar and ex-Google staff Sanmay Ved made captions when he achieved to buy the "" domain for 1 minute. Ved believed he was just being pretty, but Google decided to