What does ‘Samsung Pay’ means?

samsung pay s7

Samsung Pay, an innovative payment platform that allows you to pay for things and facilities just by waving your Samsung device nearby a cash-register as a replacement for of swiping the credit card or entering  your payment information, it has been lively in the United States and South Korea for

Awaited Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge Launched in MWC 2016

samsung galaxy s7

In advance of the MWC 2016, Samsung has publicized the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which will be the flagship smartphone from Samsung for the year 2016. Alike the last year’s smartphone releases, the much expected smartphone arises in two options: the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The

Google Translate enhances support for 13 new languages

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Google Translate has enhanced its support for 13 novel languages, carrying the overall number of supported languages to 103. The fresh languages rolling out to Google Translate over the upcoming days include:   Amharic    Corsican    Frisian    Kyrgyz    Hawaiian    Kurdish (Kurmanji)    Luxembourgish    Samoan    Scots Gaelic    Shona    Sindhi    Pashto    Xhosa As per Google, the

Samsung shows off waterproofing feature in Galaxy S7

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Samsung displays the waterproofing feature in Galaxy S7 shown on Samsung Indonesia youtube channel, as an much awaiting gadget in technology world. It is expected to have Android 6.0 in OS, 4GB RAM,20MP Camera with Snapdragon 820 as the backbone. Source: Samsung Youtube Channel See More Videos on : www.technodots.com/category/technology-videos

MaruOS makes Android Smartphone to a Linux Desktop Computer?

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A bunch of developers has freshly exposed MaruOS that privileges to change the Android phone into a Linux computer. As soon as you attach an external HDMI screen to your smartphone, MaruOS energies a Debian-based OS on the larger screen. “Your phone runs individually of your desktop so you can

Android Wear with Speaker Support and Innovative Gestures, Voice Input Features

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Google released an update to Android Wear that carries a couple of fresh features to the smart watch stage. As per technology news, perhaps the most motivating of these is Android Wear’s capability to use the speakers that are currently inside some of the modern watches. If you buy a Huawei

Artificial Intelligence Become proficient, But 1 Game yet AI Woe

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Go is a 2player board game that created in China more than 2,400 years ago. The guidelines are simple, but Go is generally deliberated the most difficult tactic game to master. For AI scholars, constructing an algorithm that could take down a Go world titleholder signifies the superiority of achievements. Well,

Google tells how much it compensated who bought Google.com for 1minute

Sanmay VedSanmay Ved

Sanmay VedSanmay Ved have bought the Google.com domain for a minute, but he contributed his reward for charity organization. In October, scholar and ex-Google staff Sanmay Ved made captions when he achieved to buy the "Google.com" domain for 1 minute. Ved believed he was just being pretty, but Google decided to

Samsung incomes remains to fall, looks to IoT for support

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Firms are starting to expose their monetary performance for the last quarter and the entire year of 2015 and, in overall, things are taking a faintly negative trend, even for the likes of Apple. Naturally, Samsung's story isn't any improved one and its returns continue to slide down. This time, though,