MaruOS makes Android Smartphone to a Linux Desktop Computer?

maru os

A bunch of developers has freshly exposed MaruOS that privileges to change the Android phone into a Linux computer. As soon as you attach an external HDMI screen to your smartphone, MaruOS energies a Debian-based OS on the larger screen. “Your phone runs individually of your desktop so you can

What’s New in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Google powered Android Marshmallow presents a reformed application authorization model: there are now merely eight permission categories, and applications are no longer routinely granted all of their itemized permissions at installation time. A new API named "Assist" lets information from a currently-opened application, containing text and a screenshot of the present

AMD says most powerful Polaris GPU will be released in early 2016…!!

AMD is developing on two versions of its forthcoming Polaris graphics architecture, Polaris 10 and Polaris 11. On the occasion of an interview with Venture Beat, graphics chief Raja said that one of those GPUs is focused at thin ,light laptops and entry-level PCs, while the other is a bigger,

Nexus 6P Review: Google Overtakes iPhone 6S in challenge

Highlight in Technology News...We equate Apple and Google's ultimate handsets to find out which is on the top! New intelligences suggest that Android and iOS account for 98% of the smartphone marketplace, so probabilities are your next phone will use one of the two smartphone OS. The best iOS phone is