BlackBerry makes privacy on top priority in PRIV

The first BlackBerry cellular phone gadget to be powered totally by Android has been rated “on par” with the apple powered iPhone 6S.

BlackBerry’s Product Management Director in the ME region Mike Mefleh, said the software assists the user to alter their security settings.

For example, users can manage whether their location or contacts can be accessed by apps on the phone.

Mike told: “If you look in the market, mobile devices are a risk, but BlackBerry is leading on this.

“If you come across the next step for BlackBerry, we are looking to make sure we improve the output, performance and confidentiality of the product. The blackberry PRIV has been rated on par with the iPhone 6S.

“PRIV is the next big thing for BlackBerry family. The market is a the deep of touch smartphones and there’s little differentiation. PRIV is 100%  Android, so it will offer admittance to the full network and Google Play Store.

“The confidentiality and security has been planned from the bottom and up, from the hardware to the OS and apps. When BlackBerry designed this, they had the security in mind, so all your information is protected.”

In order to put an prominence on confidentiality, BlackBerry rolled out the security app Dtek, which can help users fight scammers demanding to tap into sensitive information – such as bank data.

“We are aiming the smartphone users that value the Android environment, confidentiality and the high-tier Blackberry endusers. We are also targeting Android endusers who have took pleasure in the OS of Android but did not have the right tools of confidentiality and efficiency,” Mike told.

The PRIV is available for $790.