Best and Easy way to transfer data between any mobile phones

We have only few or inadequate options when it comes to transferring data from Android devices to iPhone/iPad, most take the way of using WhatsApp / Google Drive / Dropbox to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Not only it consumes data but is also less speedy, and results in looseness/loss of data (as in case of WhatsApp). Xender for iOS / Android is a splendid app which will solve all your concerns, It transfers data from Android to iPhone/iPad using Wi-Fi network but without consuming data. All you need is to have both the devices connected in the same Wi-Fi connection. In-this tutorial we will see transferring data/files/music from Android to iPhone, and from iPhone to android too.

Note – If you want to transfer data between to and from iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad, please raise this article.

Tutorial to use Xender App for transferring data from Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android

  • First of all download and install Xender app on your devices
  • We need to create a group in order to transfer between iPhone and Android so as we can initiate the transfer, Open the Xender app on Android and select or tap on “more” option
  • After tapping on more select the “Connect iPhone” choice from the menu.
  • Now, On your iPhone/iPad , Navigate to Settings – > WLAN and connect to the WiFi network starting with ABC etc.
  • Once your iPhone or iOS device gets connected, Open Xender app on your iPhone/iPad and click on the “Connect Phone” Option.
  • Now just select the data which you want to send, on either of the device Android or on the iPhone, and tap on “Send”
  • Now the data will be transferred within no time