Artificial Intelligence Become proficient, But 1 Game yet AI Woe

go game beats ai

Go is a 2player board game that created in China more than 2,400 years ago. The guidelines are simple, but Go is generally deliberated the most difficult tactic game to master. For AI scholars, constructing an algorithm that could take down a Go world titleholder signifies the superiority of achievements.

Well, think through the holy grail found. A team of academics led by Google scholars David Silver and Demis Hassabis intended an algorithm, called AlphaGo, which in October 2015 conveniently defeated back-to-back European Go champ Fan Hui 5 games to 0. And as a side note, AlphaGo won 494 out of 495 games played counter to existing Go computer programs earlier to its match with Hui. AlphaGo even marked inferior programs 4 free moves in its game.