Apple States 1Billion iDevices Are Active around the World

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Above a billion Apple gadgets have been active over the last 3 months, the corporation announced as part of its 2016 1st-quarter incomes report.

“Regardless of the economic challenges all over the world, Apple remains amazingly strong,” said CEO Tim Cook in a discussion. That’s not a billion iPhones, though: iPads, Mac devices, iPods, Apple TV devices and Apple Watches all tallied toward the aggregate. Apple did not break down the quantities each makes up, but about 75 million are iPhones traded in the latest quarter, as said by the company’s records.

Cook said that this year carried a record no. of adaptations from Android OS, which undoubtedly was a large number of units — considering Android had 1.4 billion active devices in the last quarter of 2015, and positively more now.