Apple replaces MacBook USB-C charging cables

If you have Apple’s new 12-inch Retina Mac Books in the initial months after it launched in 2015, then you have to check the company’s latest parts replacement package over the USB-C charging cables that sent with the laptop.

It looks that the cables that one or the other shipped with the Mac Book or were bought separately through June 2015 have been found to have a “design concern” that could root them to stop functioning. Apple’s support page describing the replacement program does not drive into details about the design defect, it says that the affected USB-C cables can source the associated MacBook to end charging, or charge occasionally, without any notifications. As per the technology news, apple confirms that the cables were brush up some time ago, with most clienteles at present using the new design, meaning it is early buyers for the Mac books that want a replacement.


The above picture states how handlers can recognize if they have an affected cable. Early variants simply have writing that reads “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China,” though the reformed cables will have a serial number that follows with the make description. So if you see a product number on your Retina MacBook’s charging cable, then there is no need for a replacement, under the program.

As per Apple those early MacBook clients who produced a physical address when buying or registering the Mac Book will receive a new cable in postal automatically, without any extra charges, with deliver by the end of February. Extra eligible users can get a replacement by visiting an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Centre, or by communicating Apple Support openly via phone or email.

Source: Apple Website