Apple powered iPhone, Mac users advised not to click viral links

A viral link has spread through social media, comprised Twitter, is closing down people’s iPhones and mac’s and compelling them to reboot. There is a notice about the website that is seeming viral as people are annoying to trick unsuspecting folk into hurtling their device.

If you clicks on a link to the website address with an iPhone or Mac, a JavaScript code on the website will force your iPhone/mac to reboot and crash your Mac OS. While the name of the website does give fair caution, the problem is people are sharing it online as an abbreviated link that hides the web address.

It’s reported that the website does not harm the device but crashing a phone or computer can source you to lose the tabs you have opened in a internet browser and to lose any unsaved jobs. A search of Twitter discloses that some people are being upfront about sharing the mentioned link that will crash a device, while others are masking the link with hunting promises, such as the answers to each test and assurances of pornography.

While the link evidently has been intended to attack Apple users, people have conveyed it has also affected other browsers on Windows based systems.