Apple is seemingly making it ready to switch from iOS to Android

Company settles to improve data transfer tool under stress from European telecom firms.

Apple is evolving a tool that would make it easier for endusers to transfer their files from iPhones to Android devices, according to a boom from The Telegraph. Mentioning a “senior business source,” the paper hearsays that Apple has decided to have the tool under escalating pressure from European phone operators, who have protested that iPhone users hardly switch to new platforms, in part since there’s no easy way to transfer their documents from iOS. The telecoms say that fades their position in talks with Apple.

The Telegraph report does not indicate a issue date for the tool, and Apple did not closely respond to a request for statement. In September, the firm released a Change to iOS app that lets Android endusers to move their data to Apple’s environment. On an October quarterly incomes conference call, CEO Tim Cook said, 30 percent of new iPhone endusers originated to the platform from Android in Q4 2015, the peak rate the firm has ever witnessed.

It’s uncertain whether European telecoms have threatened lawful action over Apple’s reasonable observes. The European Commission released an review into the company’s deals with European wireless operators in 2013, yet a full investigation was never launched.