Android Wear with Speaker Support and Innovative Gestures, Voice Input Features

new android wear

Google released an update to Android Wear that carries a couple of fresh features to the smart watch stage.

As per technology news, perhaps the most motivating of these is Android Wear’s capability to use the speakers that are currently inside some of the modern watches. If you buy a Huawei Watch or an ASUS ZenWatch 2 smart watches, for instance, you will now be able to go beyond the boundaries and make and take phone calls right from your smartwatch. As Google records, you will also be able to attend to audio and video messages from a no. of applications that at present track this feature, including the brand, Glide.

Huawei tells the update will roll out to Huawei Smartwatches in the upcoming weeks, including the initiation of the speaker that is at present built into the watch.” So don’t presume this update to come to your smartwatch right away.

The update also familiarizes a couple of new wrist gestures. To grow a card, you can now clasp your arm in front of you and then rapidly push down. To go back, you can hold out your arm and speedily swivel up. To return to the watch face, you shake wrist out and in a few intervals. With this new update, it is also easier to messages from apps like Hangouts, Viber and WhatsApp with a single voice command. “OK Google, Send a WhatsApp message to Dad: Need money for the stuff I just find in the mobile shop.”

Generally, none of these new features are considerable updates, but particularly the new voice commands should make using the stage easier — the wrist gestures, I am not that sure about yet, but that perhaps depends on personal choices.