AMD says most powerful Polaris GPU will be released in early 2016…!!

AMD is developing on two versions of its forthcoming Polaris graphics architecture, Polaris 10 and Polaris 11. On the occasion of an interview with Venture Beat, graphics chief Raja said that one of those GPUs is focused at thin ,light laptops and entry-level PCs, while the other is a bigger, super performance GPU prepared to retract the premium graphics card marketplace currently conquered by rival Nvidia. Nevertheless, the overall aim for Polaris is still “console based class gaming on a thin & light notebook.”


Based on what we have done at the peak level, it’s our most revolutionary leap in performance yet. We have deplaned many blocks in AMD’s cores .Also, we have redesigned the premium processors, a newly invented geometry processor , a full spec n fourth-generation Graphics processor Next with a highly routed  jump in performance.”