45-Giga Pixel Zoomable Panorama of Dubai Sets Record as World’s Largest Digital Photo

dubai 360 panorama

Renowned photographer Gerald Donovan takes up the passion with resolution to shockingly new heights, revealing the masterpiece of a 45-gigapixel panoramic landscape of Dubai that give a clear view from the highest landmark of modern Dubai, The Burj Khalifa. If it have plotted, it would be the size of approximately 1,200 hoardings.

As per technology news, the snaps was captured using a Canon 7D  camera above 3+ hours attached to a robotic Giga Pan camera mount makes use of imaging technology alike which incorporates on NASA’s rovers on their Mars Mission. The wide shot is actually 4,250 individual shots combined together flawlessly with Image stitching software named Autopano. Donovan describes: “This was projected as a technical test. It was about discovering the bounds of the hardware and software out here.”

dubai 360

So the question arises: Did they could find the limit? The last world record holding digital panorama image arose at 26 giga pixels, so the new Dubai snap is a confidently improved one. Providing the fact that, the image is compound, it is indeed not a substance of camera hardware, the robotic mount and the camera could, ideally, captured more than 4,250 distinct shots of a specific landscape. So it is truly a matter of the software and the processing capabilities needed to stitch up together the individual images.

Source: Dubai 360