WhatsApp chats keep a record even after deletion, says security researcher

WhatsApp in an iPhone? Your chats might not be as secure as you think. In spite of the popular messaging application’s notice earlier this year that it would encrypt all the user data, a security investigator  revealed that the newest version of WhatsApp for iOS software for iPhone devices plants some

Google’s tool for brands & public figures publish straight to Google search

google search tool

In 2016 first quarter, Google introduced a new tool to permit presidential candidates publish posts about their assessments straight to Google search results. Currently, the company is extending this feature to the marketable realm and posing it to a choice group of small business sections. Google is naming the Posts tool

China plans their 1st Microgravity Satellite in 2016

shijian 10

China is ready to launch their 1st microgravity satellite as an experiment scope in the second quarter of 2016, as per the latest technology news reports. The satellite named Shijian-10 arrived at Jiuquan Satellite Centre in Gansu province on Wednesday, before its arranged launch. Shijian-10 is the 1st microgravity experimental satellite

What does ‘Samsung Pay’ means?

samsung pay s7

Samsung Pay, an innovative payment platform that allows you to pay for things and facilities just by waving your Samsung device nearby a cash-register as a replacement for of swiping the credit card or entering  your payment information, it has been lively in the United States and South Korea for

Awaited Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge Launched in MWC 2016

samsung galaxy s7

In advance of the MWC 2016, Samsung has publicized the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which will be the flagship smartphone from Samsung for the year 2016. Alike the last year’s smartphone releases, the much expected smartphone arises in two options: the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The

45-Giga Pixel Zoomable Panorama of Dubai Sets Record as World’s Largest Digital Photo

dubai 360 panorama

Renowned photographer Gerald Donovan takes up the passion with resolution to shockingly new heights, revealing the masterpiece of a 45-gigapixel panoramic landscape of Dubai that give a clear view from the highest landmark of modern Dubai, The Burj Khalifa. If it have plotted, it would be the size of approximately

Google Translate enhances support for 13 new languages

google translate new

Google Translate has enhanced its support for 13 novel languages, carrying the overall number of supported languages to 103. The fresh languages rolling out to Google Translate over the upcoming days include:   Amharic    Corsican    Frisian    Kyrgyz    Hawaiian    Kurdish (Kurmanji)    Luxembourgish    Samoan    Scots Gaelic    Shona    Sindhi    Pashto    Xhosa As per Google, the